A New Model For Meaningful Collaboration

2023 Path to Quality Jobs & Health Equity Report

The Voices of Black Women East of the River: Increasing Cancer Survival Rates and Economic Success

The human-centered approach was developed with the pursuit of racial equity at the core. Participants are honored for their knowledge and experience and are paid for their time.

The initial stages of the SDI process include level-setting, with restorative opportunities for participants to share experiences with racism, validating and affirming the importance of their central role in generating solutions. Language has long been used to maintain systems of oppression and cycles of violence. To fully dismantle power structures, language must be used intentionally as a force for truth and transformation. Throughout the SDI process, and throughout this report, language is used deliberately to honor Black humanity and speak truth to power.

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About Black Women Thriving East of the River

Hear the voices and see the faces of the women who are driving change with Black women living in Wards 7 & 8.

Black Women Thriving East of the River Process 

Dive into the process and approach for Black Women Thriving East of the River.

CAPGI Webinar

This webinar takes a deep dive into Black Women Thriving East of the River.