About Us

Our Mission

To reduce cancer mortality and create health-related career opportunities for Black women in Wards 7 & 8 by transforming the culture of racially unjust and inequitable systems.

Our Vison

We see a city where Black women are thriving in Wards 7 & 8 because they have access to racially equitable opportunities and resources that lead to optimal health

About Us

Black Women Thriving East of the River underscores the commitment to helping Black women not only live and survive in some of the District’s most challenging neighborhoods, but also thrive.

We created comprehensive road maps for progress in the areas of workforce development and cancer patient navigation, with detailed recommendations. A process we call the Strategic Design Initiative (SDI) provided a foundation for our team building, training, and facilitation. Through this groundbreaking process, we relied on the best examples of lived expertise to elevate powerful voices in this work.

A comprehensive engagement is necessary to confront discriminatory practices and structural racism steeped in the myth of white, male supremacy. These forces contribute to devastating circumstances for Black women. And, when institutions attempt to resolve inequities, the voices, knowledge, and experiences of those most affected are not elevated in the process. The most harmed populations are frequently the objects – rather than the architects – of policies and programs purported to address systemic oppression and injustices.

Who We Are

This has been the experience in the nation’s capital as it is in communities across America. It is particularly galling here where prosperity reigns in most of the nation’s capital, yet those East of the River face a far more difficult existence.

But Black Women Thriving East of the River is changing these destructive dynamics by putting Black women in the seat of power.

With equity-focused practices in place, our workgroups transitioned from defining and understanding problems to developing solutions to dismantle harmful systems while providing relief for community members as we navigated the day-to-day realities of our problems.

Through Black Women Thriving East of the River, those most affected by discriminatory practices and policies in East of the River communities are now driving the change with actionable, impactful solutions.

About Us

Black Women Thriving East of the River Introduction Video

Hear the voices and see the faces of the women who are driving change with Black women living in Wards 7 & 8.

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